A West Michigan Health Company
Big Rapids (231) 592-3102
A West Michigan Health Company
Big Rapids (231) 592-3102
A West Michigan
Health Company
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The WMSC Difference

Your Total Satisfaction
is Important to Us

We at the West Michigan Surgery Center strive to provide excellent service. WMSC staff constantly monitor patient satisfaction throughout their visit as well as through post-procedural calls. Patients or visitors with specific comments or suggestions are routinely contacted for follow-up. Many of our quality improvement initiatives are based on the suggestions and comments made by those we serve, as we seek to continually exceed expectations.

Your Time is
Important to Us

Our surveys have indicated that total time spent by patients at the surgery center is closely tied to overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend our services to others. Because of this we have worked diligently to develop processes that move patients safely and efficiently through all procedural phases, while still allowing enough hands-on time so that all feel well cared for and never rushed.

Healthcare Convenience
is Important to Us

Why Choose WMSC

West Michigan Surgery Center providers and staff are committed to providing high quality and efficient patient care, ease of access to our services, and substantially lower out-of-pocket costs than hospital based surgical services. At WMSC, patients and visitors are treated with courtesy and respect. Our use of the most current technology offers healthcare consumers state-of-the-art healthcare options that at one time were only available in larger hospital based surgical units. The combination of high quality care, the most current technology and substantially lower cost makes WMSC an excellent option for your next surgical procedure.

West Michigan Surgery Center providers

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West Michigan Surgery Center is located in Big Rapids, Michigan and housed in suite A of the Michigan Primary Care Partners facility. Additional healthcare services, situated within the same building, offer Pain Management, Family and Internal Medicine, Physical and Aqua Therapy, Radiology, Ultrasound, and Pharmacy Services. This unique combination of services provides patients with a level of healthcare convenience rarely found in private physician owned facilities.

What having an in-house Pharmacy means for our patients.