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New Hope for Chronic Pain Sufferers

West Michigan Pain First in Area to Offer New, Minimally Invasive
Spinal Stenosis Treatment Scientifically Proven to Reduce Opioid Use

Big Rapids, Michigan, May 6, 2019 – Pain specialists at West Michigan Surgery Center are the first in West Michigan to perform a new technique shown to help patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. The common degenerative condition is characterized as a narrowing of the passageways of the spine, and often causes significant pain, disability, and diminished quality of life. 

Superion Vertiflex Interspinous SpacerWest Michigan Surgery Center Medical Director and West Michigan Pain physician, Girish Juneja, MD, performed the procedure today using the new Superion® by Vertiflex® Interspinous Spacer. The FDA approved device is implanted into the spine through a small tube. Once positioned, the device relieves pressure on the  spinal nerves, allowing the patient to move freely without pain. The treatment can be performed in an outpatient setting, in just minutes, requires very little tissue damage, and no bone loss. 

Dr. Juneja is one of only a handful of physicians trained to offer the new treatment in Michigan, and the only physician performing the procedure in West Michigan. Dr. Juneja says he’s excited to offer his patients this minimally invasive alternative to traditional spinal fusion surgery.

“The problem with spinal fusion surgery is that it requires you to remove bone which makes the spine unstable,” said Juneja. “This new intervention is so simple, requires only a small incision, and preserves the bone. As a result, patients recover quicker and can feel the difference almost immediately.” 

Multiple studies on the new treatment have shown the Interspinous Spacer to be effective in relieving the symptoms of spinal stenosis, while reducing a patient’s opioid use.

“This intervention is a game-changer,” said Juneja. “Our goal is to help patients get back to living their lives without having to depend on medications. Almost every patient can be offered this treatment if they have symptomatic spinal stenosis. We’re proud to bring this state-of-the-art care to the people of our surrounding rural community and beyond.” 

For More details on the procedure or how it works, click here. To speak with a member of our team about this, or any of our other services, call: 231.592.1360